All you need to know about an NFT Sale Bot and how it can supercharge your NFT project's Discord!

So your mint is over, and how you are considering "what next" for engagement on your discord and to keep your NFT floor price increasing. More and more, projects are turning to NFT Sale Bots to help improve their ongoing discord engagement and NFT's floor price.

How Does A Secondary Sales Bot Work?

BotRocket’s Discord Sale Alert Bot helps share your project’s Secondary Sales activity with your loyal discord followers, helping them to see in real time the secondary sales occurring for your project, promoting often thousands of extra discord comments by community members and additional sales by members. 

Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon blockchains are supported currently, with support for other blockchains in development. 

The Sales Alert Bot can be customised and utilised by projects in a number of ways, each very successful in their own right, which includes showing traits, wallet addresses of the buyer / seller, sell price, and more!

We will now show you some examples of our nft sales bot in action! 

NFT Sale Bot Example - Guppy Gang NFT

Guppy Gang utilised both BotRocket’s mint alert bot and nft sales bot for their high profile project.

Their NFT Sale Bot was set up in a live-sales channel and shows both the Guppy Gang NFT image and price.

The NFT Sale Bot supports sales across all exchanges including OpenSea, Solsea, MagicEden and more and shows recent sales in almost real time. At the time of this post, Guppy Gang has had more than 180 ETH worth of secondary sales, and thousands of secondary sale transactions. 

How much effort is it to set up a bot like this for my own project?

The answer is not much, as the team at BotRocket are able to integrate their bot for any project in a matter of minutes! Join their discord today to chat to their team:

How can I customise the bot for my project?

The team at BotRocket can customise every aspect of their bot so that the NFT sale bot meets the requirements of your project, and include or not include a number of pieces of information related to the sale including:
1. Name and image of the discord bot
2. Traits 
3. NFT Images 
4. NFT price
5. Buying or selling wallet address 
6. Any many more!

Other examples of successful projects who have utilised an NFT Sale Bot for ongoing engagement

Long Ween Club & Dapper Ducks

Two other sold out NFT projects, Dapper Ducks, and Long Weens are also current example of projects currently utilising the BotRocket NFT Sale Bot, to show off their projects secondary sales across all NFT marketplaces they are listed on, including Opensea, MagicEden, Solsea and more.

Thousands of trades from these projects have been shown to users via these NFT Sale Bots, helping the community see the continued great support for these projects on the secondary markets, and driving tens of thousands of discord related comments and reactions from both projects loyal followers.