How can a Discord Mint Alert Bot Help My NFT Project?

90% of NFT projects fail because of low mint sales! Maximise your chance of success via our low cost, real-time mint & sales alert bots that create FOMO!

What are Discord Bots?

There are tonnes of bots that can be integrated with your Discord server, such as: a giveaway bot, invite bot, mint bot, etc.

Make life easy for yourself and your guild by using a bot for discord. Between playing songs, delivering memes, reporting gas prices and blocking bad users, Discord bots can save you hundreds of hours of work.

Importantly, you can use them to manage your discord guild while you and your team are sleeping. It’s up to you whether or not you want to utilize a third-party bot or write one oneself using pretty much any programming language.

Discord is a well-known real-time messaging network that has a strong bot development community.

A broad variety of services, from moderating support to games, entertainment, internet searches to money transactions are provided by bots on Discord. We’ll also hear from ImBursting, the creator of Rythm, a well-known bot on Discord, on the challenges and rewards of creating and maintaining such a large codebase and network.

Since its sleek layout, simplicity of use and numerous features have made Discord famous including among individuals who have no interest in computer games, it has seen a quick rise in popularity. More than 130 million people are now using it every day, or over twice as much as Slack’s regular user base.

Discord’s comprehensive provision for customizable bots is perhaps one of the most appealing aspects to chatbot programmers, who can use them to connect Discord with the outside world and improve the user experience. A broad range of services, from moderation support to games, music, internet searches to money processing are provided by bots on Discord.

Benefits of a Discord Bot

The greatest method to control the virtual world is to attract an audience. Gaming, music, meme-making, and many other forms of creative expression are all examples of processes. Your website’s visitors will spend more time on it if they engage in these kinds of activities. Here, you’ll learn about the greatest Discord bots and their advantages, as well as how to use them. To top it all off, you’ll also receive a number of handy Discord bots for Digital Marketing. It’s possible that you’ve utilized Discord Bots for these purposes before. As long as you are oblivious of this huge benefit, you should be informed. Because of its advantages, Discord Bots are a crucial tool for every business. The top Discord bots that we’ve compiled here will also help your Digital Marketing efforts.

When it comes to building a network, Discord bots make things simpler. It is possible to use them to welcome new members to the server, control discussions among members, and prohibit users who do not follow the rules. Using these, you may enhance the server by providing more fun for your members by adding memes, games, music, and other interesting material. The thing is to learn what Discord bots to add. Some bots can help you build a stronger community and encourage your players to remain around and interact with your server. There is a risk that the improper ones will scare away visitors or produce an unpleasant atmosphere.

A very well run marketing campaign can benefit greatly from the use of Discord bots. These tools enable you improve quality and frequency of communication with your online audience. These bots also have the advantage of being fully automated. A few mouse clicks and you’ll have them doing much of the job for you.

How to Get a Mint Bot?

Being blockchain based and relatively newly, Mint bots generally aren’t available on a self-serve basis. Each bot is a custom integration based on your NFT Collection’s blockchain, smart contract code and the the features of your NFT metadata and associated image hosting (Arweave, IPFS, Cloud, etc.).

The top selling crypto NFT Discord bot company that offers a mint bot is BotRocket, a mainly Australian team which develops bots that are dynamic, stable and real-time which helps your discord server throughout the day. Their bots support NFT Smart Contracts on Ethereum, Solana and Polygon.

NFT projects using the BotRocket Mint Bot

Do Mint Bots really increase your NFT mints?

In our experience, hell yes! By posting your mints in real-time to a discord channel, the bot creates a heightened sense of mint FOMO and excitement amongst your discord followers, and drives a tone of additional mints.

How does the bot create this excitement? Well, every mint on your project creates a real-time alert in a discord channel showing off the NFT that your community just minted. You can customise what is shown, including: nft image, traits, ranking/rarity, # of mints remaining, custom messages, etc. Once your discord members see a stream of your mints, they are more likely to mint one of their own, as they can see the high mint activity. It’s all about riding the wave of early mints and keeping the momentum going!

How does the bot work?

The bot scans the blockchain smart contract address of your NFT project. Once it detects a successful mint, it will post a message to the Discord server and channel of your choice.

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